HDMI Network Extender, CAT 6/7 extender 

HDMI network extender for the transmission of an HDMI signal over a distance of up to 50 m with CAT 7 at a resolution of 1,080p. This makes it a problem solution for many areas of deployment where the transmission of high-resolution video material over long distances is important.
Mode of operation:
An incoming HDMI signal is converted into a stream of data within the transmitter and transmitted to the receiver using two network cables (min. CAT 6). There, the data stream is converted back into the original HDMI signal. All HDMI information, like HDCP copy protection, video and audio signals, CEC, etc., are here retained unchanged. Easy installation through the use of conventional network cabling and a very favourable price-performance ratio, as well as excellent transmission quality characterise this solution.


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  technická data

8410 Max. rozlišení: 1080 p / 1920 x 1080
HDTV kompatibilní
Napájecí adaptér v balení
HDMI 1.3b / 1080p max. 50m Network kabel CAT 7
HDMI 1.3 / 1080p max. 20m Network kabel CAT 6
HDMI 1.2 / 1080p max. 50m Network kabel CAT 6

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