Optosel 4:1 Digital Selector - Optical Distributor 

The Oehlbach Optosel 4:1 receives up to four digital optical signals and transmits these unprocessed to an AV receiver. The switch box is perfectly suitable for combining with AV receivers, which only offer one single TOSLINK slot. The device, which is set in a solid metal enclosure, supports sampling rates and a resolution of up to 92kHz/24 bits. This absolutely guarantees high-quality and loss-free signal transmission. Both compressed and non-compressed audio signals are supported. A remote control for convenient changing of the inputs and a power supply unit are also supplied with the device.

•Solid metal housing
•loss-free signal transmission
•including remote control
•supports compressed and non-compressed audio signals

Technical Data
•Weight 142 g
•Supported sampling rates Up to 192 kHz
•Dimensions 94 mm x 24 mm x 83 mm

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