Digicon CO Digitalní elektrický-optický audio konvertor 

The 3-star Oehlbach Digicon C/O converts a digital electrical signal into an optical signal. A coaxial and an optical connector are incorporated into the solid metal enclosure of the Digicon C/O for this purpose and these are plated with 24 carat gold to ensure maximum transmission and contact reliability. The Digicon C/O converts compressed and non-compressed audio signals up to a sampling depth of 24 bits. Thanks to stringently selected electronic compenents, the conversion process is absolutely loss-free and guarantees outstandingly high quality of the converted output signal.

•24- carat gold-plated contacts
•Solid metal housing
•loss-free signal transmission
•converts compressed and non-compressed audio signals

Technical Data
•Permissible relative humidity: 20 to 90%
•Weight 62 g
•Power supply Power supply: 5V/1A DC
•Dimensions 63 mm x 23 mm x 68 mm

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