i-Connect HS micro High speed HDMI kabel s ethernetem, HDMI na micro HDMI

HDMI signal output has become increasingly more important for compact components such as smartphones, 7" tablets and digital cameras. As the integration of a conventional HMDI port is not possible due to the small dimensions of these devices, a micro HDMI connector (type D) was developed, which came into effect the HDMI 1.4 specification. Our 3-star Oehlbach i-Connect HS Micro cable enables compact devices to be connected directly to a device with a conventional HDMI port. This cable guarantees high quality and interference-free signal transmission thanks to the use of premium quality materials.

• 4K Ultra HD at 50/60 Hz
• 18 GBit/s data rate
• 21:9 cinema image format
• 5.1 DTS HD
• Dolby True HD
• ARC - Audio Return Channel
• 32 digital audio channels
• 24- carat gold-plated contacts
• 3D TV at 4 K resolution
• CEC - Consumer Electronics Control
• 30/36/48-bit Deep Color
• High-Speed-HDMI®-cable
• Full HD – Video
• x.v.Color – Additional Color Space
• triple shielding
• Solid full-metal plug
• SPC - silver-plated copper
• HDMI CEC Automated A/V Control
• HEC - HDMI® with Ethernet channel
• Ultra HD 


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