XXL i-Jack EX 63 Mobile sluchátkový kabel prodlužovací, 6.3 mm jack samec na 6.3 mm jack samice 

This headphone extension with 6.3 mm full-metal jack plugs and 24-carat gold-plated contacts achieves highest signal stability and perfectly reliable connections. The round cable geometry encases the inner conductor, which has been made from highly pure copper (HPOCC), and, with the also shielded full-metal plugs, is responsible for perfectly stable signals. The cable´s outer layer has been encased in a special braided leather – noble while still tough.

•HPOCC® - mono-crystalline oxygen-free copper inner conductor
•24- carat gold-plated contacts
•Multiple shielding
•Solid full-metal plug
•highly flexible cable
•Reliable contact
•Perfect for headphones, smartphones, MP3 players, tablet PCs
•strain relief with nylon-reinforced cable
•Robust and high-quality leather sheathing

Technical Data
•Cable sheathing Leder
•Cable geometry Round
•Plug type Straigh


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