XXL sluchátkový stojan - Oehlbachovská hlava  

Oehlbach‘s head-shaped headphone stand Readily to hand, yet stored safely and securely - the original Oehlbach head provides a perfect storage location for your high quality over/on-ear headphones. The headphone stand is perfect for any music lover that doesn´t want to see their headphones gather dust in the corner - a real „must have“ for anyone who has a passion for music. The specific design of the 5-star headphone stand ensures even large and heavy headphones can be stored securely without placing an excessive strain on their padding. This ensures their original level of comfort is permanently maintained. In addition, the stand also accentuates the visual impact of your headphones, for example, next to your amplifier. The XXL HP stand from Oehlbach is optionally available in two different finishes, namely black and white.

Technická data
•Váha 1,3 kg
•Materiál: Syntetická pryskyřice
•Rozměry 255 mm x 230 mm x 170 mm

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