i-Jack 35 VC Mobile sluchátkový kabel, 3.5 mm audio jack na 3.5 mm audio jack s ovladačem hlasitosti 

This three-star audio jack cable comes with a universal volume control for great user comfort The flexible ribbon cable in the durable plastic sheathing is particularly stable thanks to the integrated nylon thread. The inner conductor made from oxygen-free copper (OFC) is responsible for stable and high-quality signal transmissions. Strong metal plugs and 24-carat gold-plated contacts are responsible for ensuring highly reliable connections and protection against corrosion.

•24- carat gold-plated contacts
•Robust plastic sheathing
•Solid full-metal plug
•OFC – oxygene free copper
•highly flexible cable
•Reliable contact
•Perfect for headphones, TVs
•strain relief with nylon-reinforced cable
•Volume control for all devices 


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