The XXL® Series 100 interconnect cable made of pure silver is based on the consequent development of the HPOCC® coppertechnology.
Massive HPOCC® silver conductors (2 x 0.65 mm) in a symmetric layout produce previously unheard-of brilliance and
sonic fi delity. To suppress mechanical vibrations, fi ve PE tubes were worked into the structure. A foil made of Tefl on® provides a
stable coating. An aluminium foil and a shielding of silver-plated wires protect the signal from high-frequency interference.



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2 x 0,50m 14100
2 x 0,75m 14101
2 x 1,00m 14102
2 x 1,25m 14103
2 x 1,50m 14104
2 x 1,75m 14105
2 x 2,00m 14106
metráž 1410

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