XXL Phono PreAmplifier Ultra - gramofónový předzesilovač 

The renaissance of the LP is in full swing – audiophiles are once again on the lookout for high quality turntables that can be perfectly integrated with their existing, state of the art hi-fi components. If your amplifier or AV receiver doesn´t have a phono input, Oehlbach´s XXL Phono PreAmp Ultra is just the right tool for you. This distortion-free and low-noise preamplifier, which features a solid aluminium front panel and high quality 24 carat gold-plated contacts, is perfectly suited for connecting moving magnet and moving coil pickup systems. A relay circuit protects sensitive hi-fi components from voltage spikes during start-up. The XXL Phono PreAmp Ultra only weighs in at around 1kg and is powered via an external power supply unit.

•For moving-magnet pick-up
•For moving-coil pick-up
•high-end RCA jacks
•24- carat gold-plated contacts
•Solid metal housing
•Aluminium front panel
•Power supply via external power supply unit

Technical Data
•Weight 96 g
•Channel Balance 0,01 dB
•Channel Separation 65 dB
•Casing material solid metal
•Signal-to-noise ratio >75 dB (MM); >65 dB (MC)
•Amplification at 1 KHz 38...42 dB (MM); 58...62 dB (MC)
•Power supply IN 100-240V / OUT 12V/1VA
•Dimensions 155 mm x 48 mm x 195 mm


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