XXL Black Connection stereo interconnect 

Exklusive 75 Ohm digital interconnect with a remarkable appearance and an
outstanding technical finesse: A revolutionary, completely new sort of inner conductor guarantees an unexpected low resistance and results in a spectacular high purity. A manufacturing process called„Silver Gap HPOCC®“provides a monocrystalline structure where even the gaps between the single crystals are filled with an HPOCC®silver-alloy. This seamless structure can without exaggeration be described as a conductor that offers the perfect fundamentals for a maximum of conductance. Assembled with precious 24 ct. gold platedfull-metal plugs, this valueable conductor is assembled practically loss-free. But also the appearance of this cable is state-of-the art. The plugs are applied with genuine leather and offer a distinguished surface feel. The insulation of theca bleconsists of a structurized surface which underlines the high quality rating of the product.
Available in the lengths mentioned below or in custom lengths according to customer‘s requests.


délka objednací kód
0,50 m 13830
1,00 m 13831

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