Seeing and hearing are sensory experiences that shape our perception. The brain constructs our reality from what our eyes and ears record. This process determines how we experience the world around us. Perception was once exclusively a direct process. What people saw and heard was always in immediate proximity to them. In our modern world this is of course completely different. We can preserve sounds and images and transport them at excellent quality. Digitalisation in processing this information allows highest standards to be achieved today. Practical experience however shows that losses and interference can occur when these sensitive data are transferred. Not all the information originally provided actually reaches the viewer or listener. How much is lost is of course determined by the quality of the connections. Since the early days of professional cable manufacturing, OEHLBACH® has aimed to transfer sound and images, be they digital or analogue, at the highest possible quality. Anyone who, like company founder Manfred Oehlbach, believes that what reaches the recipient should be the truth, i.e. the original, will have to literally “smooth” the way. It is also important to ensure that the bearers of this truth are trustworthy and remain affordable. OEHLBACH® employs a team of specialists to meet this challenge. Their task is to tirelessly explore cable technologies, and in so doing they have accumulated an enormous amount of expertise. Constantly questioning and considering improvements a central part of the job are indispensable attitudes for a company that aims to be at the forefront of truly pure signal transmission for sound and image events. And there is no shortage of questions. What makes up an image? How does sound work? How can the essence of such information be determined? And transported? How does it affect its recipients, and in what form? Manfred Oehlbach has been examining and analysing the answers to these questions for over 33 years. To him, the perfect connection represents the ultimate challenge – a challenge to be solved again and again and continuously adapted to current standards of knowledge and technology. International product tests confi rm that OEHLBACH® is successful with its principles. Oehlbach Kabel GmbH



Manfred Oehlbach